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Why do you recommend wisdom tooth extraction?

Wisdom teeth also referred to as third molars, are the last teeth to erupt, usually between the ages of 17 and 25. There are several reasons why we might recommend wisdom tooth extraction at our Miami Beach, FL dental office.

You Don’t Need Wisdom Teethdental appointment | extraction miami beach fl

Our prehistoric ancestors needed the chewing force of third molars to process rough bark, twigs, and leaves. Obviously, with a diet of processed foods, we no longer require that kind of chewing power.

Wisdom Teeth are Hard to Keep Clean

Wisdom teeth come in behind your first and second molars, which makes it difficult to brush and floss them thoroughly. We commonly see irritated gums and periodontal disease in this area because removing plaque can be impossible.

Sometimes Wisdom Teeth Get Impacted

As we’ve evolved, our jaws have also gotten smaller. As a result, in many cases, there’s not enough room in the jaw for wisdom teeth to erupt in the proper position. When they do come in, wisdom teeth often crowd neighboring teeth, and, in some cases, they get stuck in the jaw. Every patient is unique, but Dr. Sheng would recommend removing the tooth if it was impacted, painful, or difficult to clean thoroughly.

Call Us for an Appointment

At Radiant Smiles Family Dental, Dr. Shen routinely performs tooth extractions at our Miami Beach, FL dental office. We’ll make sure that you have the most comfortable, stress-free experience possible. Please call us today to arrange a dental appointment to learn more.

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