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I don’t want to have x-rays because I am worried about the radiation. Can I just have my teeth cleaned?

You wouldn’t let a surgeon operate on you without him or her seeing a CT scan or MRI, and for similar reasons, it is essential that we take dental x-rays.

Dental x-rays are an important diagnostic tool that enables your dentist to see what is below the surface—beyond what can be detected in a visual examination. Dental x-rays show small cavities between your teeth where we wouldn’t otherwise be able to see them. Dental x-rays can also reveal other bony abnormalities we wouldn’t otherwise see. They are crucial to making accurate diagnoses of the condition of your oral health. They also mean we can find problems while they are still small and easier to treat.

Today’s digital x-rays mean there is less exposure to radiation than with traditional film x-rays. You will pick up more radiation walking outside on a sunny day than you will with digital radiographs. We also use safety precautions, such as a lead vest, to ensure your exposure to radiation is minimal.

Most patients only need to undergo x-rays once a year, and the risks of skipping the x-rays far outweigh any worries about radiation exposure.

If you have additional questions about digital x-rays, be sure to ask us!