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What Dental Crowns Can Do for Your Smile

January 31, 2019
Posted By: Dr. Yuchen Sheng
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If you have a damaged tooth or have had a root canal, you might already know what dental crowns can do for your smile. Dental crowns, also called tooth “caps,” restore a tooth that is damaged or cover up a tooth that is not aesthetically appealing. Made to blend in perfectly with your natural teeth, a dental crown restores the form and function of your natural tooth. If you have been feeling self-conscious about your smile, a dental crown can also restore your confidence.

At our Miami Beach, FL dental clinic, Dr. Yuchen Sheng combines her skills with art and science to create dental crowns that will improve your smile.

The Procedure for Dental Crowns

Plan on making two trips to the dentist for your dental crown. At the first appointment, Dr. Sheng will prepare the tooth to be crowned, then take an impression of the remaining tooth structure. She will send this impression to a nearby laboratory where they will fabricate a crown custom-made just for you.

At this same appointment, Dr. Sheng will place a temporary crown while that will stay in place for a couple of weeks—until your permanent crown is ready. Although you can chew with the temporary crown, it’s a good idea to be careful with it, so it doesn’t fall off. Avoid chewing gum and any type of sticky foods; try to chew on the other side of your mouth, if possible.

When your crown is ready, you’ll return to our office, and Dr. Sheng will place your permanent crown, ensure it is comfortable for biting down and cement it into place.

The finished crown will look completely natural, and only you and your dentist will be aware that you have it!

Common Reasons for Dental Crowns

  • A tooth has become fractured because of a large filling that, over time, has pulled away from the tooth.
  • You have had a root canal, and the remaining tooth structure needs the strength a dental crown can provide.
  • A tooth is damaged, stained, or misshapen, and a dental crown will improve the aesthetics of your smile.

Find out more about how we can improve your smile with a dental crown at our Miami Beach, FL dental office. Call us today!

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