Tooth-Colored Fillings in Miami Beach, FL

a man smiles against a yellow wall | dental fillings miami beachNearly every adult must face the inevitability of tooth decay at least once in their life. Cavities are one of the most common dental issues today.

In the past, metal fillings were used to stop the growth of tooth decay, and they did the job—albeit unattractively with their dull gray color. Today we have another option: composite tooth-colored fillings. For most patients, tooth-colored fillings are a great option—and not only because they are made to blend in with the color of your natural teeth so that they are virtually invisible.

There are other advantages to composite fillings as well.

If you think you might have a cavity, don’t put off treatment. Call Dr. Yuchen Sheng of Radiant Smiles Family Dentistry, and we can tell you more about tooth-colored fillings.

The Advantages of Tooth-Colored Fillings

Made of tiny bits of glass and plastic, tooth-colored fillings offer an esthetic advantage because it’s nearly impossible to see them. Even if you have fillings in the large molars at the back of your mouth and you laugh or yawn, no one will be able to see them. Because they blend in so seamlessly with the teeth they repair, tooth-colored fillings are great for cavities that occur toward the front of your mouth.

In addition, the composite material that is used for tooth-colored fillings works well for repairing teeth that are chipped, broken, or gapped. Called cosmetic bonding, this is a quick, inexpensive—yet effective—way to repair teeth that might need it.

There are functional advantages to composite fillings as well, including the following:

Unlike amalgam fillings, which have a tendency to expand and contract with temperature variations, composite fillings do not do so. Hence, there is less risk of fracture with tooth-colored fillings than there is with amalgams.

Another advantage is that not as much of the tooth needs to be drilled away to make room for a composite filling because it bonds directly to the tooth. This also makes them strong and durable, so they will last for a good number of years. It protects more of your natural tooth structure, and it also means less time in the dentist chair.

What Is the Procedure for Composite Fillings?

a couple smiles next to a palm tree | miami beach tooth-colored fillingsGetting a composite filling isn’t much different from getting an amalgam filling. After the area is anesthetized, Dr. Sheng will drill away as much of the tooth decay as is necessary. She will roughen the area designated to receive the filling to help it adhere to the tooth. After the composite material is mixed and matched to your tooth color, it will be applied to the tooth in layers.

The layering will stop once the filling is the correct size. After ensuring you can bite down comfortably, Dr. Sheng will polish the filling until it feels smooth and natural.

Call for a Checkup, and We’ll Check for Tooth Decay

If you’re due for an examination and cleaning, give us a call! If you have a cavity, we can tell you more about tooth-colored fillings.