Root Canal Treatment in Miami Beach, FL

a man holds his hand to his mouth in pain | root canal dentist miami beachA root canal is probably the most misunderstood procedure in dentistry. Even the mere words “root canal” often put people straight into panic mode!

But the truth is that a root canal is a common dental procedure that is no more painful than getting a filling. It will also eliminate your toothache pain and save your tooth.

If you have a toothache, call Radiant Smiles Family Dental right away.

What Can I Expect with Treatment?

One of the most surprising facts about root canals is that the pain people feel before the procedure is the worst thing about the procedure. The bottom line is that there is no reason to fear root canals.

If you develop an infection in your tooth, root canal therapy is a simple remedy that will eliminate the infection and keep it from spreading to your healthy teeth. For this reason, it’s important not to put off getting treatment. This much-misaligned procedure can save your tooth—and your oral health.

When you come in with a toothache, we will take an x-ray of the area in question to determine if there is an infection in the tooth root. If there is, Dr. Yuchen Sheng will thoroughly numb the area so that the procedure will be painless.

Next, she will remove the infected pulp from the tooth and thoroughly clean the canal system. She will do that by making a tiny hole in the tooth and using special dental tools to remove the infection. She will then rinse the tooth root with antibiotics before sealing and filling the area.

Because removing the living tissue from a tooth tends to make the tooth brittle, the remaining structure will be fitted with a dental crown. This will restore both the form and function of your tooth.

You might feel some residual sensitivity for a few days in the tooth that was treated, but your extreme toothache pain should dissipate substantially.

a diagram of a tooth root | miami beach root canal dentistWhen Is a Root Canal Necessary?

The most common symptom of a tooth infection is pain that goes from bad to excruciating. But there may be other signs that something is wrong, including:

  • A tooth that has become discolored
  • Swelling of the gum area around a particular tooth
  • Sudden sensitivity in one tooth to temperature extremes
  • Chips, cracks, or fissures in a particular tooth
  • A tooth that needs repeated dental work

Maintain Good Oral Health with Root Canal Therapy

There is no need to be apprehensive about needing a root canal. Contact Radiant Smiles Family Dental if you experience tooth pain of any kind. You should know that dental pain is never normal and is more than likely the sign of a problem. If you do need a root canal, it will end your pain and likely save your tooth!